Planetary Mixer, plm


Planetary Mixer





The Planetary Mixer is Ideal for mixing of wet/dry materials. It has a homogeneous mixing action. The Planetary motion of the beater enables faster and better mixing of material at a considerbly lesser time. It is high shear mixer and is available in variable speed drive. Slow speed is used for dry mixing with less dust generation and faster speed for kneading operation during wet granulation. Portable mixing bowl with top mounted agitator has a dual advantage of material transfer and no risk of gland packing contamination.




  • All contact parts of the mixing bowl and beater are made out of S.S. 304 material or S.S. 316, as per requirements. Scrapping blades can also be provided if required
  • The Mixing bowl can be jacketed for electric/steam heating is ideal equipment for small batch sizes
  • Manual lifting arrangment for agitators up to 50 Lts and motorize lifting
  • The top of mixing bowl has an S.S. Lid with a charging  hole
  • The mixing bowl is provided with castor wheels and locking system for easy handling and  transportation
  • Flame Proof motor van be supplied as optional
  • Capacity offered 20L to 500L




  • Powder to powder mixing

  • Manufacturing of starch paste with steam or electrically heated jacketed with or without a flush bottom valve for discharge

  • Dry powder to wet phase mixing for wet granulation