Paste Kettle , starch preparation kettle


Paste Kettle




Available from 50 litrs to 300 litrs capacity



Paste preparation kettle is a semi-hemispherical jacketed bowl having two shaft extensions exactly opposite, which are fixed in Plummer block bearings. This jacketed bowl has connection for steam inlet/drain  & also for steam pressure. When electric heating is to be used this jacket is filled with oil & that is heated by electric heater dipped inside the jacket.Depending upon the user requirement, paste preparation kettle has anchor or stirring. On the shaft extension of paste kettle, there is a worm & worm wheel which is turned rotation for the paste kettle when someone wants to empty the kettle.Water is put inside the paste kettle bowl for heating & after it gets heated, starch or other binders are added to make a binder or paste. This paste is to be then used for wet granulation process in equipments like high shear mixers (RMG) or in Fluid bed granulators.


•        Entire construction in S.S.

•        Semi hemispherical bowl ensure that entire bowl can be emptied by rotating the worm wheel.

•        Simplified construction enables ease of operation.

•        Steam or electric heating is possible depending upon the user               requirement.

•        when used with stirrer / anchor the movement of anchor is forward & reserve using cyclic timer. Stirrer can be supplied at additional cost.

•        When supplied with stirrer, there is a top entry drive without using any 'V' belt. Stirrer can also be removed for cleaning.

•        Temperature indication is possible at additional cost




ITEM                              :-       PASTE KETTLE

Model                             :-       GMP Type

Capacity                         :-       150 Ltrs

Working Capacity           :-       120 Ltrs.

Crushing Blade              :-       Anchor type

Foundation                    :-       Not Required.

Electrical Service           :-       415 v/3 PH/A.C. Supply.

M.O.C.                           :-       SS 316Q for Contact Parts.

Bearing                          :-       Pedestal Type

Heating System             :-       Oil Or Water

Tilting                            :-       Manual type

Control Panel                 :-       Push Button to on/of M/C, R.Y.B. Lights                                                   for Phase indication, Contactor, on/off                                                      Rotary Switch, & Limit Switch.

 Gear Box                       :-       Worm Gear arrangement for speed                                                          reduction ratio from C.P.C. make as per                                                  suiting the motor

Motor Specification        :-       2HP. having 1440 RPM from Hindustan Make

Net Weight                     :-       175 Kgs. Approx.

Surface finish               :-       Polishing is of more than 180 grades