Riddhi Press II, High Speed Tablet Press, Rotary Tablet Press, Tablet Compression Machine, Tablet Press


High Speed Tablet Press - RIDDHI PRESS Mark II





          37 STN. D - TOOLING

          45 STN. B-TOOLING

          55 STN. BB-TOOLING

          61 STN. BB-TOOLING


  1. Riddhi Press Mark II  is a high speed Rotary tablet press for higher table output, suitable for large batch production.
  2. Machine is having a square design with total consideration of GMP standards.
  3. All the tablet parameters can be fine tuned during the operation of the machine from outside the tableting zone.
  4. The machine is having elegantly designed cabinet top of SS-304.
  5. The machine is having round hoppers of SS-304 with Butterfly valve.
  6. The machine is having A.C. variable frequency drive for the main motor.
  7. Machine is also having A.C. variable frequency drive for force feeding motors, which enables operators to synchronize machine’s speed & feed both.
  8. The machine is having Electromagnetic clutch arrangements.
  9. The machine is having one piece turret of special grade casting. However, three piece turret with SS-304/SS-316 middle plate is also available (optionally). Electro less nickel plating can also be available to the turret, (optionally).
  10. Lower punch seals are provided at lower punch hole in turret.
  11. The machine is having Helical gear ring to drive the turret.
  12. The machine is having hard chrome plated, MS Fabricated upper roll carriers.
  13. The machine is having BALL BEARING TYPE upper & lower pressure rolls.
  14. The machine is having specially designed pressure Link Assly. Which ensures sufficient & equal pressure to the tablets.
  15. The machine is having tablet weight consistency.
  16. The machine is having sturdy Alluminum section framed, Acyrlic guards with SS Hinges & Handle & are also fitted with Gas Filled – Shock absorbers.
  17. The lower guard of the machine are of SS-304 material having excellent matt finish.
  18. All guards are interlocked for safety.
  19. There is no colour part in tablet manufacturing zone & all other parts are either of SS-304 material or Gunmetal or of hard chrome plated. All Hardware are used of SS-304 quality in tablet manufacturing zone.
  20. The machine is having box type Detachable control panel having all electrical controls on the top. Acrylic cover is also provided to protect the controls from the dust.
  21. The machine is having center Drive Type Gear Box.

  22. The machine having Hydraulic accumulator cylinder which controls two other Hydraulic cylinders connected to Lower roll carries. A Power pack can also be provided (Optionally).
  23. A Hydraulic Gauge is also provided on lower guard for easy view.
  24. The machine is having anti vibrating mounts.
  25. The machine is having excellent bottom driven force feeding system for material feeding. However, Gravity type feeding also can be provided. (optionally)
  26. Two layer attachments can also be provided. (optionally)
  27. The machine is having excellent paint, inside wherever it is required.
  28. The machine has been designed as to minimize the change over time. The weight adjustment section is easily removable which provides good access for the removal/replacement of lower punches & dies, away from compression zone.
  29. The hand wheel is conveniently located for indexing the turret during tool change over with single operator.
  30. The machine is having specially designed Dust Extractor Nozzle which can be connected with the dust Extractor, away from machine.
  31. The machine is having Elegant Look & operator friendly design and is manufactured in such a manner that it gives all satisfaction to the operator while the production.

The machine are backed by excellent after self service.

Technical Specification
No . Of Stations37455561
Max . Output(Tab/hr)222,000324,000395,000438,000
Max . Operating Pressure(Main)100 kN65 kN65 kN65 kN
Max . Tablet Dia25 mm17.5 mm17.5 mm17.5 mm
Max . Depth of Fill20.5 mm15.9 mm11.1 mm11.1 mm
Upp.Punch Penetration3.2 to 8 mm3.2 to 8 mm3.2 to 8 mm3.2 to 8 mm
Main Motor6 HP/ 1440 RPM / 3 PHASE / A.C.
Force Feeder Motor0.25 HP/2800 RPM/ 3 PHASE / A.C.
Total Power9.5 HP / 3 PHASE / A.C.
Overall Dimensions148 x 141 x 188(H)(Cms.) Approx.
Net Weight2250 Kgs.