Linear Vial washing machine


Linear Vial Washing Machine

Riddhi high speed vial washing machine with Grippers for washing of vials Having dimensions comprised in the specification. The in-line tunnel design is such that separation is maintained between feeding zone and discharge zone of the cleaned containers. All the mechanical drives are separated and isolated from the washing zone. A Top class materials only are used for manufacturing, with careful choice of components, thereby taking in to consideration of all aspects of sanitation and complying with the pharmaceuticals cGMP requirements.Salient Features

  • The machine is suitable for washing of 2 ml to 100 ml vials.
  • High Pressure spray nozzles enter in to the vials & ensure perfect wash
  • Totally fabricated from S.S. Materials Including the basic frame.
  • The entire washing process can be seen.
  • No Change of Parts required for washing of vials - saving time of Change over
  • All Parts coming in contact with washing zones / jets are made from S.S.316 material
  • Water re-cycling arrangement is possible as per customer’s requirements
  • Machine is totally sturdy and withstand continuous operation for long working hours without any
  • trouble.
  • Machine is with PLC system & Printing facility with passwords.